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Dear friends!

I am sincerely glad that you have found time to get acquainted with Tver region. Our ancient and picturesque land has occupied a special place in the history, culture and spirit of Russia. It meets guests with unique opportunities for relaxation, travelling and everyday life. Only in Tver region, near the headspring of the river Volga, you can stand on both banks of the great river at the same time. Here the most famous Russian river gains its strength and becomes the symbol of our country, its statehood and spiritual power. That is why we very often hear that Tver region is a soul of Russia.

Don't rush to be sceptical before making your own acquaintance with our region. You will see how rich and amazing the heritage of Tver land is. Here you can find real Russian miracles: an ancient Russian Borisoglebskiy monastery in Torzhok, complex of cave - quarries in Staritsa, standing on the water belfry of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kaliazin and many other sights of the region. You have definitely seen pictures of them, heard enthusiastic comments about these wonderful creations of nature and human hands.

I was born in Tver region, that is why I want to add several words about amazing water wealth of the Tver region. Just imagine that there are about 800 rivers and 1700 lakes on the territory of the region. Its beauty does not stop to amaze locals and guests of the region, who come here to swim in clean water, participate in fishing and to make a cruise on a river boat. Every year Tver region is visited by 1.5 million tourists and the majority of them have a rest near water. 

Because of this reason, we pay special attention to the industry of river tourism. A lot of projects that are implemented in the region today, are aimed to improve this branch to the European level. We want to have a status of Russian capital of river tourism. A key role in this work should play water clusters, which combine in one route several points of tourist's attraction. It is expected that with the realization of these plans, an interest in our territory as a place to relax will increase.

I want to invite you to come to the Tver region. It is very easy to come to us, as our region is located not far from the Sheremetevo International Airport; it is also connected with the nearest territories with a network of highways, railway and navigable rivers. You just have to choose the most comfortable way and welcome!

Andrey Shevelev,
Governor of Tver region

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