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White troica

Church of Life-Giving Trinity in Zatmachye is the oldest stone building in Tver city. It was built in 1564 by donations of Moscow merchant Gavrila Andreyevich Tushinskiy sent by Ivan the Terrible to Tver city to collect sales duties. The temple was popularly named "White Trinity" for the color of its roof and domes covered with unusual white tiles. At first sight it's just a big, beautiful, majestic church standing in the square surrounded by old mansions which seem very small as compared to it. If you look closely, unusual completion of the temple shall strike your eyes: its design in not five-domed by tradition but seven-domed - one large central dome and six small ones. It has not always been like this. The original church was single-domed and much smaller than it is now, when a large refectory and high bell tower are added. Initially, the church had only small belfry above the western entrance. In 1584 the central dome was added another six - small side ones. 

The church has experienced many fires in town and a number of rearrangements.

Before the Revolution, the ancient intact temple used to be a city cathedral, when the Transfiguration Cathedral was under repair. In Soviet times, the temple almost did not stop divine service. Perhaps the church location - a quiet place away from the busy streets - played much role. In 1935 the cathedral was handed over to the "Renovated Church", and later, before the Great Patriotic War, it was closed. When the Nazis took Tver city, the cathedral was opened and desecrated. In 1944 it began divine service that has been kept up till present.

Unfortunately, we can not see the former round domes of the temple because in 1996-1997 they were replaced with the helmet-shaped and painted black. The White Trinity Church in Tver city is a kind of witness of the dramatic events experienced by the city: the pogrom committed by the oprichniks of Ivan the Terrible, "Lithuanian plunder", the fire in 1763... According to the surviving legend, the church was as a refuge for Tver's dwellers who escaped from enemies, and had the underground passage that connected it with the Tver Kremlin (excavations in 1873 in order to find this passage had no success). 
The White Trinity Church preserves one of the shrines of the Tver land - the reliquary of St. Macarius of Kalyazin, transferred here in 1930s, after destruction of the Trinity Monastery in Kalyazin city.

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